1 Tip to Boost Employee & Client Outreach

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How To Boost Employee & Client Outreach:

How do you communicate with employees and clients right now? Is your client outreach different these days? Chances are, you rely more heavily on emails, videoconferencing, and webinars than ever before. Perhaps you also reach out more frequently.

Are your communications moving the needle? Or, are you contributing more “noise” to an environment that’s already too crowded and loud? If you’re not sure, there’s one simple way to gauge your efforts and improve:


Ask a few people in your intended audience for feedback BEFORE you send out your communication. This can help client outreach.


It’s easy to get caught up in creating the “perfect” message, polishing the text, and fine-tuning the visuals multiple times until they feel just right. But a perfectly crafted message will fall flat if you don’t consider who is receiving it.


You gain three things with client outreach by asking for input:



#1:  Context you wouldn’t get from any other source

Audience members may comment on the content, timing, and tone of your message. Pay close attention. You and your team may be so focused on getting it done that you’re not necessarily getting it right – in terms of striking the right chord with your audience.

#2:  A nice morale boost

Asking for feedback shows you’re interested and you care. Ask personally – don’t send a mass email. Thank those who respond.

#3:  A chance to improve

Getting feedback now and making changes is a lot easier than the alternative. For instance, cutting graphics and postponing release are easy fixes, especially if they mean more people will pay attention. You don’t want to find out you missed the mark after you’ve communicated with your full audience. People might not look at the next message you send.

This feedback loop doesn’t need to be formal or take a long time. Reach out to a few employees (for internal messages) or potential/existing clients (for external messages) to ask for input. Taking the time upfront to consider the message from their perspective will enable you to make meaningful adjustments and deliver content that matters.




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1 Tip to Boost Employee & Client Outreach

How To Boost Employee & Client Outreach: How do you communicate with employees and clients right now? Is your client out...

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